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Embracing Spr-inter like a Snow Queen


Spending my nights browsing fashion mags and catalogues featuring the hottest new looks for spring

while temperatures hover at a frosty 27º outside my window is making me a certain kind of crazy.

Frankly, it makes me want to gnaw off my own leg and run screaming for the nearest flight heading

south of the equator ( I suppose I would be hobbling, though).

With the frigid winds, icy streets and overall crappy weather…not to sound all end-of-the-world about it,

but all I can think is ENUFF ALREADYYY!! The unfortunate truth is that no matter what they’ve

featured at Fashion Week or are wearing in Aruba, for most of us western gals, spring is simply

unwilling to be sprung.

So we can either sit inside sulking and waiting, wearing our cute satin halter and cotton capris as

pjs-OR- we can embrace what’s left of spr-inter (spring/winter) by getting in touch with our inner Snow


Besides, what’s not to love about the Snow Queen? She’s fierce, she’s fabulous, she’s able to leap all

blizzards and ice storms in a single bound and she’s got crazy magical mojo!

Steal her look with these great “sprinter” products


Ice up your lids in soft pinky-lilacs and smudge your creases with edgy cool grays from Bobbi Brown’s

Peonies and Python palette. Six sexy shades come in a zippered case designed by the cult fashion label

Tibi $50 US. Available at Sephora.

Give your lashes the look of frozen pine needles after a bitter ice storm with white mascara from Nyx, an

ice cold steal at only $5.50 US from


Play up your inner night-time frost diva with the uber shine of Make Up Forever’s Lab Shine Metal

Collection lipgloss in Chrome. Also adding MUFE’s metal gloss in Onyx to the corners of your mouth

will give an extra plump to your pout by making your lips appear fuller.


Illuminate that stony beauty with Benefit Cosmetics High Beam illuminator. Tap this cool pearly pink

highlighting cream in the area just above your cheek bones, along the bridge of your nose and on the

plain of your chin for an eye-catching icy glow.


I don’t know about you, but I hate washing my hair, especially when it’s cold out. My hair is thick, curly

and takes forever to dry, not to mention, straighten. That’s why dry shampoo like this one from Batiste is

so great. We all know that we are over washing our hair and the severe cold “sprinters” are a perfect time

to give the tendrils a break from harsh blow drying and flat irons.

Not sure about the idea? I get it, when I first started out as a Stylist & MUA, dry shampoo was only for

wigs/hair pieces, actors involved in period theater or clients who couldn’t handle hair washing due to

being in poor health. But these days dry shampoo has gone savvy and dare I say, sexy.

Batiste Dry Shampoo comes either scented or unscented and with a gold shimmer or my “sprinter”

favorite – a glamorous silver shimmer. It’s an ideal way to instantly clean and freshen up your hair

between washes while keeping your scalp warm and dry. It’s a kind of magical mojo that both you and

the Snow Queen are sure to appreciate

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